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Bendukidze accused of spying for Russia

By Ernest Petrosyan
Friday, November 21
Member of the New Rights party Pikria Chikhradze has held a press conference in which she claimed that Kakha Bendukidze is a Russian spy.

“The New Rights party’s analytical group has obtained information concerning a Russian intelligence Colonel called Vitaliy Shlykov, who, with others, is responsible for controlling Kakha Bendukidze’s activities and obtaining the Georgian Government’s secret information,” said Chikhradze at the press conference. She claimed that Kakha Bendukidze was conducting his espionage activities with other persons, and that Vitaliy Shlykov was an official adviser of Bendukidze.

Chikhradze also alleged that Bendukidze had been a member of an anti-Georgian organisation for many years and was systematically co-operating with the Russian military intelligence service. She further alleged that Mikheil Saakashvili must also be a member of that group, or there would be no reason why he continues to support this most unpopular person, and GRU agent, Kakha Bendukidze.

Asked how accurate this information was, Chikhradze said that Bendukidze has a known history of cooperation and business partnership with Russian intelligence officers such as Vitaliy Shlykov and other persons famous for their anti-Georgian attitude such as Migranyan and Zatulin, and that his intense partnerships and relations with such people have bound him to them irrevocably. She added that Kakha Bendukidze has also sold all Georgia’s strategic assets to Russian businessmen, although Georgia has no official relations with Russia. “I wonder about the awareness of the Georgian security services of all these facts. They are probably unaware, but if they are unaware what are they doing? said Pikria Chikhradze.