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What is your comment on the recent attack on the Georgian and Polish Presidents?

Tuesday, November 25
“It was very unpleasant. They shoot at two Presidents. These people are real criminals.”
Darejan, pensioner, 68

“I think it was staged by our Government. Their international image is weakened and they want to restore it by any method.”
Kakha, economist, 27

“After the August events I’m not surprised at anything the Russians do. But this time I think it wasn’t their fault. This incident bears the hand of Georgia more then Russia. But who knows?”
Tako, student, 19

“It was a vivid example of how dangerous the situation is in Georgia. If Presidents are not safe, what about ordinary citizens?”
Rezo, engineer, 49

“It was a real performance, a nice show with the participation of two Presidents. We have seen similar scenes before. It is just funny. I don’t want to comment on this at all.”
Shota, IT, 22

“Russia is doing its best to make Georgia respond. I hope our Government and soldiers will be patient enough to withstand all provocations. What Russia is doing with Georgia is a real shame for their nation.”
Tsitso, interpreter, 35

“It is beyond all limits, you know. They dare to shoot at Presidents. Russia should be stopped somehow, because as time goes by they become more and more aggressive.”
Nino, pediatrician, 29