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Compiled by Sopo Datishvili
Friday, December 26
President accused of bribing judges

The Labour Party claims that the Constitutional Court judges recently transferred to Batumi were bribed by the President with cars, apartments and high salaries, 24 Saati reports.

As General Secretary of the Labour Party Soso Shatberashvili said at the briefing, its claim that the electricity tariff should be reduced from 18 tetri to 11 wasn’t accepted by the court, but the Constitutional Court had already set an 11 tetri tariff a few years ago.

“Saakashvili’s Government has committed another crime by abrogating the Constitutional Court decision, raising the tariff to 18 tetri. The Court was moved to Batumi because they didn’t want us to go there, but our delegation did go. The same Court, with same staff that had once accepted our claim, didn’t do so this time. This was because Saakashvili bribed them,” said Shatberashvili.

Shatberashvili added that the President gave them a GEL 10,000 salary, luxury cars and houses. “These are the judges bribed by Saakashvili, who prefer the wealth of their families to the interests of the country and people. When Shevardnadze was President there existed only one judicial branch, the Constitutional Court, where the people could find justice, and Saakashvili has destroyed this,” said Shatberashvuili.

No friends and enemies in politics

24 Saati reports that according to the Christian Democrats, it is difficult to find common interests between Georgia and Russia at the moment but such interests do exist. Giorgi Targamadze declared this after a meeting with Georgian-Russian relations Commission members.

Targamadze says that Christian Democrats don’t formulate their principles in foreign affairs by using the stereotypes of “friend” and “enemy.” There aren’t constant friends and constant enemies in politics.

The Christian Democrat leader says his faction is interested in the views and impressions of people who had just returned from Moscow and attended conferences there. “We are a political group, and to formulate our positions we should have information from as many sources as possible,” said Targamadze, adding that information about Russian-Georgian relations which any social group has should also be known b the Christian Democrats.

The Commission on Georgian-Russian relations left for Russia on December 15 and returned on December 19. The members of the Commission include Mamuka Areshidze, Malkhaz Gulashvili, Soso Jachvliani and Gogi Kavtaradze.