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Did Medvedev admit that Russia started the war?

Friday, December 26
“Well, actually he has not said that Russia started war, he said that they were preparing for the war. However, Georgian officials and media understood that he admitted it, I don’t know why.”
Levan, lecturer, 42

“I do not think so. He would never dare say this. Despite being President he is not the political figure to address such issues as he is just a puppet in Putin’s hands. As for Prime Minister Putin, he will never ever say this.”
Diana, student, 21

“Yes, he has admitted it at last. Now everyone will be sure and have an answer to the question of who started the war.”
Nana, hairdresser, 30

“I’m really surprised that all politicians, including the President, consider that Medvedev admitted starting the war. I have not heard these words. He talked about some serous issues, saying that they were preparing for war, but this does not mean that they have admitted something.”
Anano, translator, 25

“My response regarding the issue is of course negative. Medvedev just pretends to be President of Russia, in reality everyone knows that Prime Minister Putin rules the country and makes decisions. Thus Russia will never admit that it started the war because it will never blame itself for the bloodshed that took place in August of the present year.”
Nodar, architect, 52

“Russia started the war but Medvedev will never admit it, even he is hung by his neck.”
Dato, student, 20

“I listened to this broadcast on TV but I couldn’t catch the words where Medvedev admitted starting the war with Georgia. I think someone misunderstood him.”
Beso, engineer, 47

“I think everyone knows perfectly well who started the war, so we don’t need any acknowledgments”.
Ela, student, 18

“I haven’t seen the incident where Medvedev says this, I have only listened to the comments of the Georgian Government. If he really said such a thing it’s good. I don’t think international society will be doubtful about Georgia any more.”
Natia, economist, 36