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Compiled by Salome Modebadze
Tuesday, December 30
The danger of renewed military attack still exists

According to Irakli Alasania the danger of renewed military attack from Russia still exists as Russian forces are just a few kilometres from Tbilisi and there is no particular way of influencing them, Kviris Palitra reports.

“I hope the Government won’t repeat its previous mistakes and avoids a military attack,” Alasania stated. The former representative of Georgia to the UN is ready to meet the Georgian President to discuss ways of getting out of this crisis.

Alasania is in favour of holding snap election in the country. “I think the elections should be held as early as possible in particular conditions. First of all a fair election code and absolute freedom of the media are necessary,” Alasania added.

The war of figures-Russians fall from 2,100 to 162

Rezonansi writes that the number of residents of the Tskinvali region killed during the August war between Russia and Georgia has been the subject of speculation in both the Russian Government and media for the last few months. According to some Russian sources thousands died. But the Investigating Committee of the Russian Prosecutor’s Office has concluded that 48 Russians soldiers and 162 civilians died during the war.

Alexander Bastrikin, the head of the Investigating Committee, at first avoided giving the specific figure, only later confirming it as 162. The Executive Director of the Human Rights Centre, which has also worked on the issue, says that the Georgian side quotes even smaller casualty figures than the Russian side.

Irakli Alasania makes firm statements

Akhali Taoba reports the following statement made by MP Gia Tortladze: “We [New Rights and Republicans] have already established our alliance. We are ready to satisfy Alasania if he wishes to have consultations with us. But there is one point in Alasania’s speech which we don’t agree with. You can’t accuse only the Georgian Government of misconduct and then say there was widespread aggression from the Russian side. It is absolute nonsense to accuse only one side in these circumstances.

“Our main problem is that we are waiting for someone to come along to help our country. Alasania has made excessively sharp statements. He has not yet clarified what he will do in future or which political party he will join,” Tortladze said.

Ramaz Nikolaishvili to head Highways Department of Georgia

Akhali Taoba reports that on December 29 the new Chairman of the Highways Department of Georgia, Ramaz Nikolaishvili, will familiarize the press with its plans for the future, the Public Relations Service of the department informs.

Ramaz Nikolaishvili was appointed to his new post on December 25. He had previously been Deputy Defence Minister of Georgia.

The former head of the Highways Department Roman Dalakishvili has summed up the department’s work during his tenure. Dalakishvili was appointed in 2004, and no reason has been given for his resignation.