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What do you think about the new constitutional changes?

Monday, December 29
“Well there have been lots of changes in our constitution under Saakashvili’s Presidency and this new one won’t be any different from those. I don’t even know what to say but I doubt that it will bring any positive consequences.”
Nodar, economist, 52

“Still changes?! What have any changes given us before?! I don’t think any of the changes made by our Government will do any good. That’s what I think about them.”
Anastasia, teacher, 34

“I’ll be glad if any one believes in these changes. The only way out of the complicated situation in our country is to trust in God.”
Maka, painter, 29

“In my opinion reducing the rights of the President and increasing the rights of Parliament is the right step, as this means the President won’t be able to dissolve Parliament and Parliament will have more means to control Government; this is more democratic than the old way, so this change is positive.”
Giorgi, student, 21

“I have heard nothing about all these changes. They do everything according their own understanding and what is the use of knowing what their decisions are? I don’t even get interested in them.”
Revaz, physician, 59

“Well as I understand it the changes concern the limitation of Presidential rights and increased Parliamentary authority. I must confess that I’m all for Parliamentary governance and refuse to accept the cult of personality.”
Tiko, PR manager, 23

“I think this won’t change anything as the majority of Parliament and the President are from one and the same group. Such a change would be ideal if they were from different political groups.”
Sandro, student, 20

“In my opinion the President has had to compromise on something. In this case he loses nothing as the present Parliament will never remove him from the Presidency.”
Nana, housewife, 46

“I know nothing about these changes but they sound good. Our country is governed by only one person and this causes a lot of problems. As I recall opposition parties have been demanding such changes for a long time. I hope they are content now.”
Iza, pensioner, 64