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What is the minimum income a person should have to live in Georgia for a month?

Friday, January 9
It depends on the person. Old people often complain about their pensions. They dont want money to lead a luxury life but for medicines and visits to the doctor. Unfortunately the pension isnt enough for them. As for young people a minimal salary for them should be GEL 700.
Natia, economist, 25

I dont know exactly how much a person needs as I have a family and my salary is shared between 4 people every month. Unfortunately it is never enough.
Maia, teacher, 37

I think the minimal salary that every person needs is GEL 500. But this is minimal and it can only cover expenses and food. For other things one needs much more.
Dato, student, 19

It is not easy to calculate, but if a person has a family of four and at least 2 of them are working, to live normally without vacations and luxury shopping 2,000 GEL is enough, though it is not good enough.
Viola, housewife, 34

I think that for normal but not luxurious life at least GEL1,500 per month is needed. This sum does not include shopping or things like that. But if one has a car, to the abovementioned GEL 1,500 we add an extra GEL 500.
Diana, translator, 25

Now prices have gone up. I cant tell you exactly how much I spend on myself, but I think that I need at least 800 lari per month to support myself and my 3 other family members.
Lamzira, 48, Chemist

I spend most of my money on communal fees and food. Especially in winter it gets very hard to pay all the bills. On average I spend 600 lari every month and it is hardly enough, but I am dependent on my salary only.
Tengiz, 53, Engineer

Life is getting harder and harder. Everything is becoming so expensive while salaries stay the same. We hardly support our families. Every month my family and I need 600-700 lari. And also education is very expensive, we pay so much for my sons university.
Nargiza, 42, Dentist