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Children paint war and peace

By Ernest Petrosyan
Wednesday, January 14
The British Council project Living Together - LoFT (Leap of Faith Together) team presented a children’s painting exhibition on 12-13 January 2009 entitled “We Build Peace” at the ARCI gallery in Tbilisi. The exhibition aimed to support internally displaced children who suffered from the events of August 2008 in Georgia.

The exhibited works were painted by pupils from Kvemo Nikozi Public School. Their paintings of the conflict zone were mainly in dark colours, reflecting their impression of war. The violence of war was a dominant theme. The paintings of internally displaced children now living in Tbilisi were also exhibited, and work by students of Tbilisi public schools, children’s art galleries and private studios will be in future as part of the “We Build Peace” project.

The children painted works representing the following ideas: We live in Georgia, What is Peace? and Georgia and Europe. The paintings clearly reveal the children’s way of looking at these things, particularly their desire to have a peaceful and clear sky above them.