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Wednesday, January 14
United Opposition to held protest rally On January 25

United Opposition starts protest rallies from January 25 at republic Square where the main demand will be to hold snap presidential elections in Georgia. The statement about opposition plans was made by Conservative leader Kakha Kukava yesterday.

According to Kukava the rally will be held by those political parties that have not left United Opposition. New Rights and Republicans are not going to participate in it. As for Labours, Kukava stated that the consultations with labours are underway. (The Messenger)

Police arrest murder suspect

Police have detained a person suspected of murdering and robbing Aleksandre Kiparoidze. According to the investigation, Leonti Tsotsoria killed the man with a knife after a dispute, then he put the corpse in a case and threw it away. Tsotsoria and Kiparoidze were both drunk.

The suspect has already admitted the crime. The investigation is underway. (The Messenger)

Labor Party voices allegations against insurance company

Georgian Labor Party accuses the insurance company Irao of embezzling GEL 140 million.

Kakha Dzagania said at the briefing yesterday that the state budget had allocated 140 million for the vulnerable in 2009, however, the clinics and hospitals refuse to serve these people with insurance policies.

The opposition party urges the World Health Care Organization and the prosecutorís office to study the issue. (The Messenger)