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What is the major threat of the economic crisis for ordinary citizens?

Wednesday, January 14
“Of course, it is unemployment.”
Tamta, student, 22

“I don’t know. I think he who has a lot will lose a lot, and he who has little will lose little.”
Nika, IT specialist, 32

“Today the major threat is unemployment, as many of our citizens have lost the jobs that were their only source of income.”
Sophie, teacher, 28

“I think it is unemployment. A lot of people around me have already been fired from their jobs.”
Tamuna, bank employee, 27

“Unemployment and high prices of goods are the main economic problems for the common people. I don’t know whether these are caused by the global economic crisis or not, but we already feel this in Georgia”.
Nona, housewife, 51

“I don’t know. I think the worst thing that might happen to a person is losing their job, especially when there is such unemployment in the country.”
Dato, student, 23