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Natural gas used as a political tool

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 15
Analysts have almost no doubt that the Russian “gas aggression” against Ukraine is more political than economic in intention.

Iona Niagu, an MP from Moldova, states that Russia had a geostrategic purpose in launching its “gas attack” against Ukraine, namely to quell its NATO aspirations. Whereas it used military aggression against Georgia and recognized its breakaway territories as ‘independent states’ the gas factor was used against Ukraine, thinks Niagu, who says Russia will only calm down if Western political and military structures stop moving east.

However opinion has been expressed that Ukraine was punished not only for its NATO striving but its support of Georgia during the Russian attack on its neighbour. Ex-President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk subscribes to this theory.

Anatoly Petrenko, an analyst from Moldova, condemns Russia’s usage of natural gas to achieve political ends. He thinks the policy of dictating and blackmailing Russia is using merely reveals its weakness.