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Will you join the opposition street rallies starting in late January? What sort of results will they yield?

Thursday, January 15
“No way! I won’t join them because I am sure that this new wave of protests will produce no result. The opposition has already proved that it is not united and can’t achieve anything in political life today.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“I won’t, as the opposition in our country is too weak and their words have no power. They lost their reputation during the elections and I don't think that this time their rally will be effective.”
Nana, teacher, 51

“Yes, maybe I will go, but I am not going to stand there the whole day.”
Zura, student, 20

“Why I should stand in the street in such cold weather when I know that nothing will be achieved by our so-called opposition? I don’t like our Government very much and sometimes they make quite serious mistakes, but opposition members are not good politicians so why should I trust them?! I really prefer our PM or Foreign Minister to Davitashvili, Beselia and people like them.”
Anano, student, 22

“Not I, but my grandmother is going. She has some favourites in the opposition, she likes Levan Gachechiladze.”
Kakha, musician, 27

“I think it’s useless to go out, nothing can be achieved through manifestations but chaos.”
Lado, economist, 30

“The Georgian people are sick and tired of rallies. They have never brought anything good to the country and will not this time. I personally won’t go there, I think it’s senseless.”
Robert, teacher, 53

“Well now is the time when rallies might be the only way to change the situation in the country. This Government has to leave, and I will join any protest action which will serve this goal.”
Giga, IT specialist, 27

“I really have a bad experience of protest rallies. Everyone was sure that we did the right thing in November 2003, protesting against the previous regime. Who can give us guarantees that the regime which will come after Saakashvili will be any good? I prefer political problems to be solved through elections and not on the streets.”
Tina, office manager, 33