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How deeply will the Georgian defence system be affected by the Russian embargo on supplying Georgia with Russian arms?

Tuesday, January 20
Of course this is negative for Georgia. I do not know how big the impact will be, but I am sure it will not be good for us. Russia would not have had put embargo on these arms, if it would be good for Georgia, this is obvious.
Levan, 33, physics teacher

Russia is trying to pressure Georgia as much as it can. It is trying economic, political and military ways to achieve its goal. I think if we stand united against the aggression and the pressure we are facing from our neighbour, we will overcome every difficulty.
Tamar, 35, manager

I hear this news from you now, but I have not heard anything else about it yet. Any sort of embargo is bad, including a military one. But I do not think it will lead to very great consequences. I hope our Government will find a substitute for Russian weapons.
Lado, 40, architect

“I must say that Russia has become too self-confident, especially after the August events. It tries its best to provoke not only the Georgian side but European countries too. As for the issue of Russian arms I can’t give a specific answer. But I hope we can do something without their support.”
Misha, economist, 32

“Well I have no idea about the political agreements made between these two countries, which means I didn’t even know that it was Russia who supplied us with arms.”
Natia, painter, 22

“Well we have such a President that I hope he finds a wise solution to this problem and consults with other supportive countries about future supply.”
Nodar, pensioner, 69

“It will have no great effect on our country. I think we have enough arms of our own, and we should let Russia see how independent we are of them.”
Maka, student, 18