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Do you support the Top Ten Best Georgians project?

Wednesday, January 21
I think it is an interesting project, but I think the Patriarchate was right when it criticized the format of the project for putting saints and civil people together in competition. I have not voted for anyone yet, but I think the winner will, and should be, King David.
Meri, 24, tourism agent

I do not know anything about this project. I only heard about it on TV some days ago. Well, it will be interesting to know who will become the best Georgian. In my opinion it is not a bad project.
Tengo, 41, driver

I do not see any sense in trying to find out who is the best Georgian, everyone has his own hero. And there are so many of them in Georgia that it seems almost impossible to name the best of them. I do not support this programme at all.
Liana, 63, pensioner

Yes I do support it. I think it is particularly good for future generations as they will become aware of famous Georgians and not only Georgians.
Diana, student, 22

I dont watch this programme but I think it should be interesting. I guess it is about famous Georgians and accenting the lives of such figures is always good.
Natela, accountant, 50

I like this programme very much. The anchors are very good and the show is highly rated.
Gela, artist, 44

I like this show and I have my favourite candidates as well. Its good that the First Channel gives the young generation the possibility of seeing such projects rather than those reality shows.
Marina, teacher, 48