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Tskhinvali gets gas again

By Ernest Petrosyan
Friday, January 23
Gas supply to the Tskhinvali region is to be resumed. In response to a request from the European Union and OSCE, with the meditation of the Itera-Georgia gas distribution company, the gas network has already been inspected and the supply will be resumed in a few days, through Itera-Georgia.

“On the basis of an EU and OSCE request the Georgian Government has agreed to reconnect the supply through the mediation of the Itera-Georgia distribution company. Itera-Georgia is now holding negotiations with Russia’s Gazprom on the technicalities of importing the gas to be distributed in the region,” stated Georgia’s Deputy Energy Minister Nino Enukidze. In accordance with the law ‘On the Occupied Territories’ passed by the Georgian Parliament in October 2008 the Georgian Government has issued Itera-Georgia with special permission to conduct commercial activities in the Tskhinvali region.

The gas supply to the region ceased on August 8 after the Agara-Tskhinvali pipeline was damaged by Russian bombardments and military hostilities in the region. The damage occurred on the Georgian side of the administrative border near the village of Dirbi.Following the inspection the Georgian state-owned Gas Transportation Corporation started pipeline repair works on January 15 and the pipe was fixed in a day.