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Do you think Georgia should provide natural gas to its breakaway region of South Ossetia, and if so why?

Friday, January 23
“I don't think it should, because South Ossetia’s authorities decided to have friendly relations with Russia, rather than Georgia. They should ask Russia to supply gas for South Ossetia.”
Vika, IT specialist, 35

“As long as South Ossetia remains an inseparable part of our country, of course Georgia should provide it with natural gas. I personally don’t see any alternative.”
Diana, student, 23

“I think we should not leave people freezing. We should put ourselves in the position of the Ossetian people, who are not the ones to blame for the political battles between Russia and Georgia.”
Nutsa, housewife, 40

“In my opinion Georgia should take responsibility for the well being of the people it considers its citizens. And as the residents of South Ossetia are citizens of Georgia, our Government should care about them as well.”
Larisa, 55, shop assistant

“The Ossetians decided to be with Russia. They think Russia can give them everything. So let’s see if Russia thinks of the Ossetian people at all. I think Georgia should not give gas to Ossetia, to show them that they need to be with Georgia,”
Lasha, student, 23

“I have no answer to this question. The Georgian Government will decide this better than me.”
Shalva, interpreter, 27

“Yes, definitely we should give our brothers a chance to live in a bit better conditions than they are living in now. We should not become lifetime rivals due to Russia’s dirty interests.”
Nodar, teacher, 60