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Do you agree with the opposition’s demands?

Friday, January 30
“I don’t agree with their demands because I think we have neither time nor money to spare for elections nowadays.”
Natia, student, 21

“I agree with them, but consider that free and fair elections are impossible in Georgia nowadays.”
Guram, sportsman, 18

“I absolutely agree with all those demands. It’s high time we obtained transparency and could trust the elections in our country. Ordinary people choose to whom they give power over themselves and the entire country and they all deserve an adequate service from those authorities.”
Lali, doctor, 45

“I of course agree with the demand for free and fair elections but we have already had so-called fair elections in previous years. Does anyone still believe those were really fair?”
Lela, housewife, 31

“Well you know all these demands are quite familiar to me. They are what our society has been trying to achieve for quite a few years already but nothing has yet been achieved up to now.”
Nikoloz, economist, 28

“I agree to Saakashvili’s resignation. All the problems will then somehow be settled by themselves.”
Giorgi, student, 22

“I totally agree with the opposition demands. Saakashvili should resign because he isn’t the legitimate President of the country. He rigged the previous Presidential elections. We didn’t vote for him last year.”
Luiza, pensioner, 70

“I don’t agree with their demands as I think that they don’t have any certain plan for how to act in future. What will be next if Saakashvili resigns? Yes, there will be elections, but for whom can we vote?”
Dato, sociologist, 28

“Some parts I agree with but some not. First of all, I think they can’t make Saakashvili resign, so they are wasting time demanding it. On the other issues I’m with them.”
Mzia, dentist, 39