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Borjomi probably first to return to Russian market

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 13
Russia’s chief sanitation officer Genadi Onishenko from Rospotrebnadzor has stated that if any Georgian product returns to the Russian market it will be the famous mineral water Borjomi.

Onishenko became notorious in Georgia when he banned the sale of Georgian wine and mineral water in Russia in 2006, claiming they were of low quality and could damage the health of Russian citizens. Now Onishenko has expressed his regret at banning Borjomi from the Russian market and expressed his willingness to promote it as the first Georgian brand to return to Russia. He added that he had already received some samples of Georgian wine but certain conditions should be met, including a visit by Rospotrebnadzor specialists to the factories to check facilities and processes, before it could again be exported to Russia.

Onishenko added that in the light of the current financial crisis stability in the market is absolutely necessary.

Messenger comment: Against the background of the Russian occupation of Georgian territories Russia is prepared to start bargaining by giving Georgia a carrot while still wielding a stick.