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Georgia, the ideal enemy

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 13
Boris Sokolov, a Professor from the Russian State Social University, thinks that there are no changes expected in Georgian-Russian relations, because Georgia is an ideal enemy for Moscow. Russia needs an external enemy but this enemy should not be very strong, therefore Georgia is the best option for Kremlin, Boris Sokolov told Interpressnews.

Sokolov labelled current relations between the West and Russia as those of a “soft stage” of a Cold War, as by recognizing Abkhazia and South Ossetia Russia could put itself in the position of being once again a Cold War participant. No one has supported the recognition of the breakaway regions as independent states; Sokolov thinks that this fact will hinder Russia from establishing normal international relations worldwide. Maybe Russia pretends that it does not care about this but it is already a fact.

There are no chances that a pro-Russian Government will come to power in Georgia, whatever leadership changes there may be there. Installing such a regime is however a precondition of the Kremlin’s politics towards Georgia. The reversal of Moscow’s decision to recognize the puppet regimes on Georgian territory could become possible only if the existing political regime is changed.