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What did you think of Saakashvili’s report to Parliament?

Friday, February 13
“Well, it was his usual speech, I did not hear anything new or something I did not know,”
Meri, housewife, 44

“It was interesting - it is always good to get information directly from officials and the President rather then listen to TV news programmes which are not objective. He has highlighted his attention to economic issues and that’s a good point, the state should work in order to overcome the crisis quickly.”
Nodar, lecturer, 47

“There were very interesting debates between MPs and the President; I think this should be the tradition, to hold such debates in Parliament after the President’s report. It would be great if the non-Parliamentary opposition was also in the Parliament for this, its questions would be very interesting.”
Tea, interpreter, 34

“He said nothing new and nothing good.”
Manana, housewife, 52

“It is not important what he said, the important thing is what he does and will do. I did not watch him but I’m sure I have not missed anything important.”
Givi, writer, 41

“I have been assured once more that the President has always an answer to any question, that’s great!”
Irakli, student, 22

“The same nonsense every time. I hope next year I will hear another President’s speech, not Saakashvili’s.”
Nana, teacher, 30

“I was very happy to hear about the insurance programme. I hope it will really be implemented and Saakashvili is not telling us a lie.”
Tamara, pensioner, 69

“I did not listen to it at all, why spend my time listening to statements that mean nothing?”
Gela, student, 20