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Have you taken out any insurance policy?

Tuesday, February 17
Not yet, but I am going to insure my car. However to tell the truth I dont know which insurance company is more reliable.
Tazo, student, 22

I have BCI insurance and it is quite normal insurance, there are not many benefits in my insurance but that's normal I would say.
Ana, teacher, 35

Yes, I insured my home, car and health some years ago and Im quite satisfied.
Kakhi, economist, 37

Yes I have, and I am very content. I am client of Imedi L.
Nika, student, 20

No, but if I could be insured against another November 7, Id think about it.
Slava, consultant, 46

Yes I have, I have insured my health, my dacha and a car. Thank God I am alive, and so far everything is safe.
Zviad, philologist, 61