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Armenian economic expansion in Abkhazia

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, February 18
The Georgian media has reported that businessmen from Armenia are buying vacated properties in Abkhazian territory, particularly the Gagra region. Armenians are buying the houses of expelled Georgians along the sea coast and at the sites of tourist infrastructure development prospects. Many tourists from Armenia could now start entering Abkhazia instead of Adjara via Russia.

MP Paata Davitaia thinks that Russia is encouraging these Armenian businessmen to buy property in Georgia (Abkhazia). He says this is yet another attempt by Russia to implement a divide and rule policy, because obviously Georgia will not be happy with the Armenians’ conduct in the breakaway region.

Armenian expansion is not welcomed by the ethnic Abkhaz population either. Abkhaz nationalist Professor Rikirba for instance insists on the urgent resettlement of Turkey’s ethnic Abkhaz population in Abkhazia because the Armenian population threatens to swallow the Abkhaz.

Davitaia sees in this process an attempt to unite Abkhazia with Russia.