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Compiled by Inna Egieva
Wednesday, February 18
Political reforms will stabilize the country - Targamadze

Leader of the Christian Democrats Giorgi Targamadze has stated, “We have restored political debates between the President and Parliament. This Parliament is very far from perfect and it is very important that there is a political balance in the country,” according to Akhali Taoba.

“Political reforms will be one of the main means of stabilizing the social situation in the country. We must find the happy medium in our relationship with the Government, and thus apply pressure on Russia. We won’t be enemies for ever.”

Labour says electricity subscribers are being “terrorized”

Kviris Palitra writes that the Labour Party has accused Energo-Pro Georgia of terrorising their subscribers.

Party Secretary Paata Jibladze has stated that in the Gardabani region the company has extracted much more money from its customers than the national rates allow it to. Every single consumer has had pay 20-30 GEL more than the tariff demands for the electricity they have used. Some years ago the local subscribers also bought electrical equipment from Energo-Pro Georgia which is not legal.

People from the Norio, Nasaguri and Martkopi districts have asked Labour for help. Jibladze says that if the situation doesn’t change in 10 days the party will ask the higher courts to investigate the company’s behaviour. If still nothing is done the Labour Party and villagers will hold meetings in the offices of Energo-Pro Georgia.

Tabukashvili Street scandal rumbles on

Kviris Palitra reports that 2 years ago the Tbilisi Municipality destroyed a block on Tabukashvili Street, and now its former residents and their lawyers are demanding a meeting with Gigi Ugulava to fulfill his promises.

Lawyer Dimitri Gabunia stated that society and the President think that the problems of these people are solved. The Government has promised these homeless people that they will receive new homes in December this year, but construction company Capital East hasn’t even finished laying the foundations of the new building. The lawyers’ previous doubts that the Government will actually build the new block were confirmed by the court decision of February 13th. The court rejected considering the displaced residents’ application once again.

“By this action they more or less told us that everything was legal and we can’t have any claim,” said Dimitri Gabunia who is going to appeal to the Strasbourg Human Rights Court.

New Rights holds conference

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that in the Svaneti Tower in Zugdidi the New Rights Party has held a conference of its Zugdidi branch, at which it chose a leader, Temur Ardia.

One of the leaders of New Rights, Manana Nachkebia, spoke at this conference and said that Party organizations must be established in every district. “I am going to be an active political figure and will try to supply you with correct information. Our Alliance is trying to unite all similar-thinking parties,” Manana Nachkebia said.

Nachkebia also claimed that in a few days Irakli Alasania would be ready to join the alliance.