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Do you think NGOs are effective in Georgia?

Wednesday, February 18
“Some of the NGOs are quite active, and they often devise serious and interesting projects in various fields, but their effectiveness is not high, and that’s very bad. Their influence should be increased.”
Guram, doctor, 51

“It depends what kind of effectiveness you are talking about. The work they are doing in our country has some kind of effect, but not as much as it would in other countries.”
Manana, housewife, 43

“Yes and No. I give such an answer because currently there are numerous NGOs in Georgia but out of these only some are effective. We do not need, for instance, 50 NGOs, even 5 would be enough.”
Diana, student, 21

“I think the NGOs’ role is very vague in general. I don't believe in the idea of NGOs being very effective anywhere in the world. I think in most cases such organizations just drain sponsors’ money and as for effectiveness, just look at Georgian NGOs - do you see any effective one?”
Mari, manager, 27

“No, as far as I know, the majority of NGOs are doing nothing but spend the money international organizations are giving them. It seems this situation is acceptable for both the NGOs and the Government.”
Lado, translator, 38

“There are a lot of different NGOs in Georgia. I know many of those which really help people and also those that do nothing. It’s probably the same situation in the majority of post-Soviet countries.”
Ramaz, IT specialist, 27

“I really don’t know much about their work. Mostly they are active at the time of elections and they always make pro-Government reports.”
Anano, student, 18

“I think NGOs can do more than they do. They must cooperate with the Government on many different issues and mediate between it and the people.”
Megi, philologist, 27

“They just waste money and do nothing special. Also most of them work on behalf of the Government.”
Lado, marketing specialist, 29