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Armenia is Russia’s hostage, thinks former dissident

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 20
Paruir Airikian, a former Soviet dissident now one of the leaders of the Armenian opposition, has made a statement about Russian-Armenian relations. According to him there are two types of interstate relations: one is based on the mutual benefits these relations can bring and the other on the similarity of their systems of values. The former dissident thinks that Armenia’s relations with Russia are neither.

Airikian thinks that Armenia is being forced to play Russia’s imperialistic games as Russia does not need a strong Armenia. For USD 100 million Russia has taken 80% of Armenia’s national wealth. Airikian alleges that in the high echelons of Yerevan are many Russian agents who do their best to prevent Armenia from establishing friendly relations with Europe.

Airikian said that Armenians living in Russia are mostly in very bad conditions. “We have become Russia’s hostage; this is the worst form of slavery,” states Airikian.