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Do you think the Geneva talks are necessary?

Friday, February 20
“I think Georgia should use all the international tribunes to speak against Russia, so the Geneva talks are very important in that way.”
Tata, student, 18

“Of course the Geneva talks are very important but I think that for the improvement of the situation Russia’s will is needed.”
Tina, teacher, 55

“The Geneva talks were more or less successful for the Georgian side but this isn’t enough. Negotiations should proceed.”
Maka, historian, 34

“I don’t think the various rounds of Geneva talks can change much. But we can’t do without them. This is the best way to involve international society in the Russian-Georgian conflict and force Russia to make even small compromises.”
Gega, economist, 32

“The main thing that I think is good for Georgia is that negotiations now exist with Abkhazian and South Ossetian separatists. How effective these are is also important but nothing has been realized so far.”
Maiko, housewife, 44

“They will be successful if the sides agree to either return the IDPs to their homes or allow monitoring missions to control the separatist regions. Otherwise they are nonsense.”
Shalva, student, 23

“They will lead to nothing. Russia is not going to talk normally to Georgia. It has done what it wanted – taken our territory, that’s all. What would they talk about?”
Jzana, agronomy specialist, 35

“Talks are always important. We will not achieve anything without talking with our opponents. I think the more we negotiate, the sooner we will see positive results.”
Giorgi, mathematician, 70

“We have lost Abkhazia and South Ossetia. What should we talk about and discuss? I hope our Government will not lose any more territories.”
Diana, doctor, 49