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Will Turkey participate in constructing the nuclear power station?

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 2
Armenian PM Tigran Sarkisian has suggested Turkish participation in the Armenian nuclear power station project. He thinks this is important not only economically but also from the political point of view, as it could stabilize the region. The Turkish Government is prepared to receive an official invitation to participate in the project, but will consider an offer only if invited to.

Some Armenian experts are expressing negative attitudes towards the possible Turkish-Armenian relationship. Tatul Manaserian, a Professor of Economy, stated on February 26 that he is categorically against Turkey’s participation in strategically important projects in Armenia as the countries don’t even have diplomatic relations as yet. Manaserian added that despite the lack of diplomatic relations and the fact that the border between the two countries is still closed shadow trade turnover between the two countries accounts for around 25% of Armenian trade turnover.