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Compiled by Inna Egieva
Monday, March 2
Will Medvedev agree with Saakashvili’s offer?

Rezonansi reports that President of Georgia Mikheil Saakashvili has “offered to conduct an equal dialogue to settle all the problems between the two countries to guarantee a better future.” At a meeting with students at the Museum of the Soviet Occupation, Saakashvili stated that Georgia is ready to forget everything that has happened to avoid harming the country.

Political analyst Soso Tsintsadze has said that “the Russians will agree to this offer only if it is in their interests to do so. I don’t think Medvedev will agree. Even if Medvedev wants to respond positively to this offer, Putin won’t let him do this. However in April the Presidents of USA and Russia will meet each other and maybe Barack Obama will advise Medvedev to meet Saakashvili,” the analyst added.

Why will the next amnesty be on the same day as the opposition protest actions?

Rezonansi writes that new amnesty will not now be held in February as planned but in April. The relevant commission will now convene at the end of March to compile the list of prisoners who can be released early, which will then be sent to the President. The commission was scheduled to meet on February 20, but the President gave an order to postpone it, say the non-Parliamentary opposition parties and independent lawyers.

Member of the commission Elene Tevdoradze has stated: “I wrote to the President asking him to call a meeting of the commission at the end of February, but he decided to call it in March. He said he wanted prisoners to be released for Easter. I can’t say anything about how many people will be released, the commission must assess all applications,” Tevdoradze added.

Conservative Party wont argue with Irakli Alasania

24 Saati reports that Kakha Kukava has stated that he doesn’t agree with Irakli Alasania. “We are not going to repeat the mistake made many times in Georgian politics, and let the opposition parties start arguing among themselves. We don’t share Alasania’s opinion. He didn’t sign the memorandum about Mikheil Saakashvili’s dismissal, but this doesn’t mean I’m going to have personal conflict with him,” Kukava said.

Behaviour Code signed

24 Saati writes that on February 28 eight politicians signed the Behaviour Code which they have agreed to uphold during the legislative process. Last December the Government decided to make amendments to the Election Code, and this Behaviour Code is another aspect of thirds general initiative.

“Our goal is to hold the local elections in 2010 under the new election code and to make the general surroundings more democratic,” Davit Bakradze, the head of Parliament, said.