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Do you think artworks should be placed in Government buildings?

Monday, March 2
“I don’t agree with unique artworks being moved to the President’s residence or other Governmental institutions, because their place is in museums.”
Lili, interpreter, 29

“I don’t know, if they will be better protected there, they should be placed in Government buildings but I don’t think our museums are unable to protect our unique things.”
Nika, student, 18

“Of course not! They are not the Government’s property or that of any specific people, they belong to us all. Why should the President or any other state officer take pictures from the museum? If they want to have such pictures there are auctions where they can buy works of art.”
Tamar, teacher, 46

“I have no idea of the legal issues concerning this, but I think it is more appropriate to keep artworks where they will be properly protected, not only from thieves, but also the negative effects of the environment and so on.”
Diana, doctor, 52

“I do not have anything against putting artworks in public or Government buildings. This will only make those dull institutions nicer and more attractive.”
Sergi, sociologist, 31

“You know, today Georgia cannot protect its unique treasures. Museums, churches, and different cultural institutions are often robbed, so why is it not possible to move them to more protected places? Personally I was glad when Saakashvili chose a Pirosmani piece and not a famous foreign master’s work.”
Sopho, ophthalmologist, 32

“It is not worth making such a scandal and fuss about this. We chose Saakashvili as President and entrusted our country to him, is this not much more important than one piece of art?”
Maka, bank employee, 26

“Works of art belong to the public, so everyone should be able to see them whenever they want. I am doubtful that if we put our artworks in such institutions many people will have access to them.”
Mariam, accountant, 43

“Why not? This has become an issue today in Georgia, but I think we have much bigger problems to think about than one painting. I do not devalue Pirosmani, but I think we should concentrate on some bigger issues now.”
Sasha, pensioner, 70

“We live in a society where everything is possible. We are used to this. I will not be surprised if one day I will see artworks hanging in the street. What can we do about it? Nothing.”
Tamila, kindergarten nurse, 64

“Well, I think if we hang some artworks in Government buildings it will help to make those artists more popular. Many foreign dignitaries visit such places and sometimes they do not have time to go to the museums, so it is very good I think.”
Tengo, driver, 49