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Bad loan problems

By Messenger Staff
Monday, March 16
The August Russian aggression and the world financial crisis have created problems for people who have to pay back loans to the banks. Bank customers are reporting difficulties repaying their loans. The banks say however that the statements of some irresponsible members of the opposition, who are recommending that the state take on debt liabilities and the banks restructure payment terms, are giving customers the opportunity to manipulate the situation and refuse to repay their loans.

The banks claim that they restructure some of the loans but are facing serious problems. The banks do not have the right to prosecute dishonest customers and imprison them for non-payment of debts, so such people use this as a shield and just donít pay. Therefore the banks have stopped suing creditors and prefer to negotiate directly with them and try and achieve some consensus. But the situation is becoming more and more complicated for the banks.