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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, March 16
Security police car explodes on Tabukashvili Street

Alia writes that a car belonging to the security police exploded in Tabukashvili Street on Friday. According to eye witnesses the explosion happened at about 11:30 pm. Fortunately, no one was injured.

The police have not issued any comment on this incident. They said the cause of the explosion will be identified after investigation.

The security police headquarters and the office of Nino Burjanadze’s Democratic Movement-United Georgia are situated near the site of the explosion. “The car exploded a few minutes after members of our party passed it. I hope this incident is not part of a political provocation,” said Giorgi Gegelashvili, one of the leaders of the Democratic Movement - United Georgia.

Labour Party likes Grigolia’s decision

Alia reports that the Labour Party approves of the decision of Inga Grigolia, the anchor of Political Week, to resign her position as Deputy Director-General of the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB).

“Inga Grigolia is always distinguished from other journalists by her professionalism, objectivity and principled behaviour, therefore the Government attempts to influence her. Every journalist who tries to report the Government’s dissolute and immoral activities is persecuted,” states the Labour Party.

The Labour Party worries about the Government’s influence on journalists and says that Labour will always advocate for them.

19-year-old mother gives reason for giving up baby

Alia writes that according to the Kakheti Information Centre 19-year-old “N.I.”, who has given her baby up for adoption, told them that if she had a home she would reclaim the baby she has had adopted.

N.I. said that she lives in a room in someone else’s home in Gurjaani. During her pregnancy she asked the regional government for help, but without result. N.I.’s mother and grandmother were against the baby staying with her mother. According to doctors at Gurjaani maternity hospital N.I. was going to sell the baby until the social service agency intervened.

Kokoity will dam up water on 1 April

Rezonansi writes that the South Ossetia de facto Government has threatened the Government of Georgia, saying it will dam up drinking and irrigation water in response to the Georgian Government disconnecting gas. Official Tbilisi does not exclude that the de facto Government will carry out this threat. “Kokoity will have his revenge,” says Paata Zakareishvili, an analyst in conflict issues.

This would not be the first such water blockade. It has happened several times over the last two years.

Parliament suspends progress of bill reducing medicine prices

Rezonansi reports that the Georgian Parliament has temporarily suspended discussion of the bill reducing the prices of medicines. It is not yet clear when the Deputies will discuss it again.

“The main purpose of the bill is to make medicines accessible for the Georgian population. This market should be as competitive as possible,” member of the ruling party Gia Khuroshvili has stated.