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What do you think about the deployment of US military bases in Georgia?

Tuesday, March 17
To be honest there should not be any foreign bases in Georgia, but the current state of affairs seems to demand this.
Tarash, student, 22

"In my opinion it will cause a serious crisis in the region which will definitely be worse than the Cuban crisis. I do not think the US would want to deploy its bases in Georgia unless Russia has nuclear potential.
Gaga, economist, 31

I think it will bring more problems to Georgia than benefits. Russia will not put up with American troops being so close to its borders.
Tengo, sales manager, 35

I do not think this issue will even be discussed. In my opinion the US does not want to worsen relations with Russia by deploying its troops in the Caucasus. I am sure this will not happen.
Roman, teacher, 41

I will be glad if the US brings its troops to Georgia. I will feel more secure then. I think the deployment of US bases will defend Georgia from Russian aggression.
Natela, biologist, 64

I do not know how realistic it is to speak about the deployment of American military bases in Georgia. Nothing specific has been said on this issue so far. But if it happens I think it wont be a negative move for either Georgia or the US.
Giorgi, businessman, 39

Of course the US wants to have military bases in this region, but I do not think it is in Georgias interests to make Russia more angry than it is now. If we want to start dialogue with Russia and achieve at least minor progress in relations, we should try to avoid any foreign military presence in our country.
Natia, lawyer, 25

I am sure it will take a long time to bring US bases to Georgia. It will be a long story. But I am sure Russia will ease its tone when this happens.
Irakli, civil engineer, 30

It will be another headache for us because Russia will then become more aggressive, and if the US responds to this by attacking Russia that will be the beginning of World War Three, so I dont welcome this.
Nana, housewife, 46

It will be great, I think, as our country will be more protected from an aggressor such as Russia.
Zura, musician, 22