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High instance of adulterated food

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, March 18
The Chairperson of the Federation for Consumers’ Rights Madona Koidze states that quality checks of different sorts of butter in the Georgian market have revealed that 11 out of 27 brands of butter do not met the criteria stated on their labels. She added that the same applies to many other products.

Food expert Ketevan Dadiani, quoted by the Kommersant newspaper, makes more dramatic claims. According to her 80% of food production is dangerous to health in some degree. Leader of the Georgian Green Party Giorgi Gachechiladze is even more categorical, claiming that Georgian agriculture has been deliberately destroyed and importers of low quality products are benefiting from this at the expense of the health of the population.

According to Gachechiladze 90% of the Georgian population lives in poverty and is thus forced to buy dangerous, low quality imported products. The authorities have deliberately abolished any kinds of control system so that no one can identify what they are eating.