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Do you think the new video evidence against the opposition activists will persuade people not to demonstrate outside Parliament?

Wednesday, March 25
“I don’t think so. The people are very annoyed with this difficult political situation. They will come out in spite of all this video evidence, and I don’t think anything can be changed by this.”
Nora, teacher, 57

“I think some people will change their mind and won’t join the demonstrations, but this won’t alter the plans of the opposition, the protests will happen anyway.”
Dato, lawyer, 27

“It is very difficult to say whether it is a real or falsified video clip, but on the other hand I have seen their faces, the faces of those who have been detained. Maybe the voices and what they are saying have been falsified but it is obvious that the arrested people are the ones shown on the clip. I think this was very good step by the Interior Ministry to release it before this rally, I think some of our citizens will not go to the so-called opposition rally as a result.”
Guram, builder, 47

“Who believes such video evidence? This is a well-worn method of the Government. They want to persuade the people that everyone except them is a criminal.”
Manana, accountant, 49

“Some people will definitely be disappointed in the opposition because of this incident, but others will be encouraged to go to Parliament.”
Neli, housewife, 37

“I believe these were real videos and those people really wanted to buy troops and arms. I don’t exclude at all that the opposition wanted to create some kind of provocation in order to involve the Government in it and then enter the Parliament and overthrow them, but this would have happened only at the expense of bloodshed. I really don’t understand why they need to win and how long people will die so that some stupid and crazy politicians can take power and then forget everyone and care only for themselves. How long must this continue?”
Beka, student, 21

“I don’t think people will choose not to come out into the streets but it is certain that some are scared now, because no one is secure, no one knows what will happen.”
Anzor, pensioner, 68

“It is people’s personal decision whether they support the opposition or the Government, whether they protest outside Parliament or not, but one thing is clear: Georgians are not scared of anything, and videos of some guys buying guns will not be enough to scare people. We have overcome such a tragedy as the August war, my only wish is that we do not treat each other as the Russians treated us.”
Nino, teacher, 32

“Of course, now people will think a bit more before going out to the rally. The opposition has been discredited once more by these videos.”
Ruso, IT, 32