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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, April 6
Representatives of Public Defender’s Office will observe April 9 rally

Rezonansi reports that representatives of the Public Defender’s Office dressed in special uniforms will observe the rally of April 9. A presentation of the uniforms was held on April 3 at a press conference.

Sozar Subari said that about 100 uniforms, waistcoats and caps have been made bearing the words “Public Defender.” A hotline telephone number, 99 58 98, has also been established. Any person whose rights have been violated or who believes they will be violated can phone this number or approach the representatives of the Public Defender and report the matter to them.

Kitsmarishvili asks court to return his share in Rustavi 2

Rezonansi writes that Erosi Kitsmarishvili, ex-owner of broadcasting company Rustavi 2, has filed a court petition for the return of his 30% share in the station. Svanidze, Kitsmarishvili’s lawyer, says there are significant documents proving his client’s case and base on these Kitsmarishvili demands his share. “Erosi will talk about this himself when he returns to Georgia. He will reveal scandalous information about what happened to his share in Rustavi 2,” said Svanidze.

Opposition protest held without incident

Alia reports that an opposition protest action in front of Cinema Tbilisi in Batumi began an hour later than planned. Nino Burjanadze, Salome Zourabichvili, Irakli Alasania and Kakha Kukava participated in it. These four leaders successively addressed the people and appealed for them to attend the April 9 protest action, criticizing the Government and demanding that President Saakashvili resign.

Nino Burjanadze was the first leader to speak. She was met by her supporters, who demanded the release of Zurab Avaliani and Davit Gograchadze, who have been arrested on charges of the illegal purchase and possession of weapons. The protest lasted an hour.

Association of Refugees will not participate in protest actions

Alia reports that the Association of Georgian Refugees in France have issued a communique in which they say they will not participate in protest actions on April 9.

“Several people from several parties have stated that Georgian emigrants have responded positively to their initiatives and will take part in demonstrations. However we declare to every member of our Association and the Georgian people that we do not support any organization or political party or their demonstrations,” the communique says.

Mayor of Tbilisi will consider opposition application

Alia writes that the organizers of the protest actions on April 9 have made an application concerning them, signed by Kakha Kukava and Koka Guncadze, to the Mayor of Tbilisi. The applications says the demonstrations will be held in several places: on Rustaveli Avenue, in front of Parliament and Georgian Public Broadcasting headquarters, at Avlabari metro, at Tbilisi State University and at the residence of President Saakashvili.

The demonstration will be begin at 2 pm and will continue until Saakashvili resigns, the organizers say, adding they expect about 150,000 people to participate.

Mayor of Tbilisi Gigi Ugulava will study the application within the next two days. “The application is only a notice of intent, so as a rule permission does not need to be given by the Mayor of Tbilisi. If there is an action proposed which would be against the law, the opposition will be obliged to correct this before the protest. The Mayor of Tbilisi will not deny the protestors the right to demonstrate,” explained the Press Office of the Mayor of Tbilisi.