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Do you think the Tbilisi Mayor should be directly elected by the people?

Monday, April 6
“I think Tbilisi residents should decide who should be the Mayor of the capital. I would like my opinion to be considered when choosing the leader of Tbilisi. I support Ugulava’s initiative.”
Dali, housewife, 47

“Direct or indirect, the elections will be rigged anyway. I don’t understand why we should worry about this. No matter what kind of elections we have, the Government’s favourite will win anyway.”
Shalva, interpreter, 29

“I don’t know why this issue has become relevant right now, when Georgia is facing other problems more important than Mayoral elections. I would like to ask our politicians to be more realistic and pay attention to more acute issues.”
Neli, pensioner, 71

“It is so stupid to say that the Mayoral elections will be held in 2010. Will this be compensation for not holding snap Presidential and Parliamentary elections or what? We are demanding only Presidential and Parliamentary elections so far. The Government is just trying to concentrate attention on other issues, like this one.”
Tamar, teacher, 40

“I think it makes no difference. In terms of the present Government, all the elections will be rigged anyway.”
Tina, pensioner, 72

“I like the idea of direct elections. I’m sure many people think like me. Our Mayor should be elected by us.”
Nino, student, 21

“The Mayor should be elected directly. I have never approved of the way Mayors are elected now. I think it’s not democratic. The citizens should elect their Mayor. Let’s see what will happen in 2010.”
Eka, historian, 43