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Armenian offers very cheap electricity to Turkey

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, April 7
Armenia is prepared to sell its electricity more cheaply to Turkey than to its local consumers. Speaking to journalists the Deputy Chairman of the Commission for Economic Issues of the Armenian Parliament, Vardan Bostanjian, explained this by saying that Turkey is Armenia’s neighbour and Armenia is trying to improve relations with Turkey. “There is nothing wrong in putting politics before the interests of the population,” stated Bostanjian.

This step is one more move in the direction of normalizing Turkish-Armenian relations to achieve the reopening of the Turkish-Armenian border. The exact details of the electricity deal however are not known yet.

A new trend in Armenian policy states that Turkish-Armenian diplomatic relations should be restored without any precondition, and therefore without addressing the issues of the humanitarian catastrophe at the beginning of the 20th century or Karabakh. Some analysts however challenge such an approach.