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Wednesday, April 8
Catholicos-Patriarch calls on people to listen to each other

Catholicos-Patriarch of All Georgia His Holiness and Beatitude Ilia II has called on people to listen to each other in his festive sermon. at the Annunciation Church in Holy Trinity Cathedral.

“The man who can love is a happy man. Some men bring joy wherever they go, their house or office. This shows that their heart is the cathedral of God. The fruit of a holy soul cannot remain in one person, it effects everybody. Some are closed up and jailed in their own hearts and even their family members have no place there. I hope we’ll understand each other and learn to listen to each other,” Ilia II stated. (Interpressnews)

Organizers of April 9 rally ask diplomats to keep out of internal affairs

Levan Gachechiladze has made a statement in the name of the opposition after meeting the diplomatic corps in the Tbilisi Marriott hotel.

Gachechiladze said that the opposition had once again told the diplomatic corps that the street protests will be constitutional and peaceful. “We’ll seriously control the rally of April 9. We possess serious resources which will eradicate any kind of provocations,” Levan Gachechiladze declared.

Levan Gachechiladze asked the representatives of all countries not to interfere in Georgia’s internal political affairs as Georgians will decide who they would like to have as Head of State. (Interpressnews)

ICC-Georgia meets US and EU Ambassadors

On April 6 and 7 2009 Fady Asly, the Chairman of ICC-Georgia, met the Ambassadors of the United States, the Czech Republic (as the holder of the EU Presidency) and France to discuss the current political situation in the country and its possible repercussions for the business and investment climates.

Mr. Asly conveyed the position of the business community concerning the April 9 protests to the Ambassadors, saying that they are very untimely for the economy and that it is necessary for all political parties to understand that continual street protests are detrimental for the country and constructive dialogue is the only way forward.

ICC-Georgia is the Georgian national committee of the International Chamber of Commerce, a global business organization which unites hundreds of thousands of member companies from over 130 countries into a representative body which speaks with authority on behalf of businesses worldwide. (The Messenger)

International women’s movement White Kerchief makes special address

The International women’s movement White Kerchief has promulgated a special address, which has been given by Keti Dolidze.

”An escalation of violence, revenge and the unacceptability of different opinions are inadmissible in Georgia today. Therefore, we are to stand together. On the sacred day of April 9 let us muffle ourselves in white kerchiefs and show everybody that we want only peace and will serve peace,” the address states.

The address also notes that it is impossible to achieve peace through war and that Georgia’s survival rests only on conducting peaceful processes. (Interpressnews)

NATO Parliamentary Assembly President meets Georgian Parliament Speaker

NATO Parliamentary Assembly President John Tanner has discussed Georgia`s incorporation into the Alliance with Speaker of the Georgian Parliament Davit Bakradze. Tanner is paying an official visit to Tbilisi.

Davit Bakradze and John Tanner discussed NATO-Georgia relations, the security of the country and the current political situation. The situation in Georgia`s occupied regions was also discussed. John Tanner reiterated the position of the Alliance on Georgia`s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

John Tanner will also meet the Georgian President during his visit. (Rustavi 2)

League of Fans demands early GFF elections

The League of Fans of the Georgian national football team has accused the Georgian Football Federation of leading Georgian football to catastrophe. The League released a special statement at a briefing they held on this subject at the House of Free Opinion yesterday.

The leaders of the organization have demanded the election of a “legitimate President” of the Georgian Football Federation. The League of Fans disapproves of the work of the current management of the GFF and demands their resignation. (Rustavi 2)