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Wednesday, April 8
Silent meeting at the Ministry of Education

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the United Alliance of Students arranged a meeting at the Ministry of Education where it would demand the halving of the tuition fees, but the head of the patrol police, Giorgi Gegechkori, prevented the meeting from going ahead.

United Alliance of Students leader Levan Chitadze said that the meeting had been organised for April 4, but the police had said that if the meeting was going to be noisy they would break it up. Chitadze said that they did as the police told them and held a silent meeting.

Newspaper sellers should be protected

Kviris Palitra reports that on April 4 the Vice Mayor of Tbilisi arranged a meeting at the City Hall with the Georgian Press Association concerning newspaper vending points. According to the head of the Association and Editor-in-Chief of Rezonansi Lahsa Tughushi, a verbal agreement was made between the two sides.

“The juridical status of the new vending points will be defined and their owners will be provided with certain guarantees that they will be able to go on with their work as before. We had appealed to the City Hall about this issue previously but received no answer.

“We know that the new vending points are registered as advertising places and not as sites where newspapers are sold. The position of newspaper dealers should be secured by law. We have discussed this topic with MPs as well,” Lasha Tughushi said.

Shops on Rustaveli Avenue remove their goods

Economic Palitra reports that due to the impending April 9 protest actions the computer and electrical equipment shops around Rustaveli Avenue have remove their goods from sale, in spite of the fact that ceasing trading, even for a while, might cause serious financial loss.

“We cannot make any prognoses, but ceasing trading right now was the right step from our side. It is better than taking the risk that the goods may be damaged. We warned our suppliers about this and haven’t accepted new goods for several months already.

“We don’t have any hope that such a step will be profitable for us but at least our losses will be small,” explained the staff of a shop on Rustaveli.