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Are you going to the rally tomorrow?

Wednesday, April 8
“No I am not. I don’t approve of these people at all. They haven’t got definite plans and only want Saakashvili to go. This doesn’t sound serious.”
Gvantsa, student, 19

“No I won’t go. I never go to demonstrations as I don’t believe they can improve the situation. For me such things are always battles for position”.
Nunu, teacher, 56

“Certainly, I will go and stand where our people stand, and I hope that this rally will overthrow Saakashvili’s regime at last.”
Lali, housewife, 32

“No I’m not, because of my health condition. I’m too old for all this but I’ll watch it on TV and this will be my support.”
Bidzina, pensioner, 75

“Yeah, maybe I’ll go but only just to see what’s happening. I am absolutely non-political and have no wish to get involved in it.”
Gaga, student, 18

“Oh no. I was at the rally last year and I saw what happened then, when the police cracked down on the protesters. I hope this will not happen again but I also don’t want to stand there any more. When they [opposition] had the chance they did not take it. Will they manage to remove Saakashvili now? I don’t think so. Moreover today we don’t need another confrontation, especially an internal one.”
Tina, painter, 41

“Yes, I will go and stand there for a week if necessary. We should not step back!”
Gvantsa, student, 20

“I think yes. Everyone should go. Though I do not think the opposition is better than Saakashvili, we should still struggle for a better future...”
Diana, translator, 24

“No, no… I will never go to a rally held by Burjanadze who desperately wants to become President and does everything she can to reach this goal. I don’t trust her at all. I cannot understand why I should come out into the streets and cry “Go, Misha!” when I know that if Burjanadze comes into power a few months from now people will stand in the streets and cry “Go, Nino!” That’s crazy.
Meri, pediatric, 38

“I will not go, because I don’t trust the opposition, although I don’t trust the Government either. I think that we should wait until Saakashvili’s term expires and elect a President in the normal way. I am fed up with seeing people shouting on Rustaveli every year.”
Dato, engineer, 35

“I am going to the rally. First of all I am curious, I want to see with my own eyes how many people will come. On the other hand I am also not happy with the current Government and think that it is time for them to wake up and look around. The country is in a terrible economic situation.”
Giorgi, student, 22

“I cannot go to the rally because I can’t stand on my feet for a long time. Otherwise I would go. But my daughters will go out to protest. Saakashvili should resign; there is no other way to solve our problems. We are living in poverty. Saakashvili said he would increase my pension to USD 100 but the reality is that I can’t support myself with what I get right now.”
Nutsa, pensioner, 77

“I have not decided yet. I do not like our President, but when I see people from the Government in the opposition my enthusiasm to go out and join the rally disappears.”
Tengo, driver, 40