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If an international organization or foreign country comes here to mediate the political confrontation who should it be?

Thursday, April 16
“I think mediation will not be necessary because both sides will inevitably reach a consensus in the near future.”
Irakli, student, 21

“It would be good if the EU meditates in the Georgian political crisis but only if it gets worse.”
Salome, economist, 35

“I don't know, maybe the EU and its Presidency country or the USA, which usually undertakes such mediation. Actually this problem should be solved without any mediators I think.”
Sopo, student, 20

“You think talks are possible? I don’t think so. The opposition does not want to start negotiations. They insist on their demand being met and think that if they keep to that position, Saakashvili will resign. At this point I do not think the opposition will start talking to the Government, no matter who the mediator is.”
Nina, sociologist, 34

“I think the mediator should be someone who both parties trust. Maybe it should be a representative of the EU or even the OSCE. It does not matter who exactly the mediator is, it is necessary that the sides agree to negotiate first.”
Gocha, unemployed, 46

“I think France has very good experience of settling crisis in Georgia. Why should we not ask it to help us once more? I think that this political tension can be settled with the help of the Europeans.”
Tamaz, engineer, 58

“The US should be the mediator. The leaders of this country are very much respected by both the opposition and Government. I think Matthew Bryza would be a very good candidate for mediator. He knows about Georgian politics in detail.”
Giorgi, student, 23

“I do not think foreigners should be solving our internal problems. Why can’t Georgian politicians talk to each other without somebody’s mediation, I do not understand? Our officials and opposition should be able to sort out the country without foreigners.”
Natela, biologist, 63