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Thursday, April 23
Saakashvili – Georgia has proved it is a stable country

Georgia has proved in the last few weeks that despite external or interior attempts to destabilize it, it is a stable country, the President of Georgia stated at yesterday’s Government session in the State Chancellery.

The President said that it was a surprise to many that Georgia is a stable, developing country. “It is a country built most correctly economically,” Mikheil Saakashvili stated. He believes this is proved by a recent World Bank assessment that Georgia has been the best reforming country over the last 5 years.

The President stated that his most recent overseas visits were primarily devoted to establishing links with big industrial groups. He said that such visits will continue and economic discussions within the Government will be frequent in order to steer the country along the road to stability.

The President stated that Georgia has the chance, in spite of the world crisis and its occupation, to attract investments and have a long-term development perspective. (Interpressenews)

Chochiev accuses OSCE of using “criminal methods”

A representative of the South Ossetian separatist regime has accused the OSCE of using “criminal methods” in South Ossetia.

Boris Chochiev was being questioned about the detention of OSCE monitors who were arrested at the South Ossetian administrative boundary for ‘border violations’ and released after a few hours’ questioning. “The whole world knows what the OSCE was busy with on the territory of South Ossetia. The OSCE has betrayed the Ossetian people. The conduct of this organization in Georgia has destroyed its reputation in whole world,” Chochiev said. (Rustavi 2)

Opposition MP says no prison riot took place

Opposition MP Jondi Baghaturia, who leads the Kartuli Dasi movement, asserts no riot took place in the No 5 Women’s and Minors’ prison facility.

According to the Penitentiary Department the prison was seriously damaged during a riot. All the inmates were relocated to the Rustavi No 1 prison in consequence. However Baghaturia says it was just a peaceful protest by women convicts and did not involve violence.

The MP gave his version of the incident to the Prosecutor General`s office. He said the law enforcers wanted to hear why he thought this was a peaceful protest. (Rustavi 2)

Alliance of Students holds masked rally outside Presidential Residence

Members of the Alliance of United Students have held a so-called masked rally outside the Presidential residence.

The masked students called on the special detachment guarding the Presidential Residence to fight for the motherland. They appealed to them not to protect Mikheil Saakashvili but fight for the welfare of Georgia. The students offered their hands to special detachment members in friendship, but the gesture triggered no response.

Levan Chkeidze, head of the Student Alliance, said that the rally’s main message for the special detachment was that students are protecting Georgia from its internal enemies and the special detachment from foreign ones, therefore they should unite. (Interpressenews)

Georgian students stopped at Kiev Airport

Georgian students have been detained for four hours at Kiev Airport, Ukraine. Airport staff detained six students and the Director of the Georgian-American University without giving a reason.

The delegation was travelling to Poland to participate in an international conference. The students and Director were released only after the Georgian Consulate in Ukraine got involved in the case. (Rustavi 2)

Earth Day celebrated

Earth Day, celebrated on April 22, is designed to inspire awareness and appreciation of the natural environment. An event entitled ‘My Coloured Earth’ was held in Vere Park yesterday to celebrate it.

The event’s organizer, President of the Friends of America Club Ilia Zukakishvili, told Interpressnews that the event was held with the cooperation of Tbilisi City Hall and the Ministry of Environment Protection and Natural Resources. Pictures painted by children and pupils of the Zaal Sulakauri art studio were exhibited with a musical background. Young people created coloured thematic paintings on the asphalt.

The children taking part in the action were given certificates by Environmental Protection Minister Goga Khachidze. (Interpressnews)