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Will holding a referendum about snap Presidential elections defuse the political crisis in Georgia?

Thursday, April 23
“I don't think this will solve the political crisis, as I personally don’t trust any of these political forces, and I am sure many citizens of this country think this way. My relatives and friends don’t see any real politicians in country whom we can trust”
Ana, translator, 29

“No, I don’t think so, Saakashvili should go, that is clear. We don’t need a referendum or plebiscite, he must GO!”
Natia, student, 20

“This will really be a very good way to resolve the crisis and I am sure it will help both sides, Government and opposition, avoid civil confrontation and violence.”
Givi, economist, 37

“Sure, this will be very helpful. Saakashvili's regime is awful and people are in a difficult social and economic situation, everything is caused by him and this political team, who haven’t given any chance to ordinary people. If someone lives normally in this country right now it is because they are relatives or friends of this Government. This is not fair, and should be stopped by the people and only by them, not other political teams.”
Kakha, teacher, 43

“This will help in some way of course, and as opposition leaders state that this is the main aim of the Georgian people. Let’s trust them and see, maybe it will help.”
Tsira, babysitter, 32

“It depends how fairly the referendum will be held, because if it is rigged nothing will stop the huge wave of protests this will cause and the Government will be removed. I personally welcome this initiative, but only under fair conditions.”
Maiko, housewife, 45

“Oh, what kind of referendum are you talking about? Saakashvili should stay in his post and run the country. Neither of the previous Presidents did so many things as he has. Of course I’m not talking about the war and lost territories, but I’m sure that whoever had been President the war was inevitable because Russia wants our blood!”
Zura, student, 21

“I think this would be good solution for the political crisis our country is going through now. The trouble is however that a referendum can change nothing.”
Diana, designer, 34

“Saakashvili must go. This is the only solution to the political crisis, Georgia without Saakashvili.”
Givi, pensioner, 76

“I don’t understand - why don’t they want to start dialogue before talking about a referendum? Such decisions aren’t made in the street, they need negotiation.”
Mari, tour operator, 22