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Who would be the best person in Georgia to mediate dialogue between the Government and opposition?

Wednesday, April 29
“For me the most reliable person to mediate the talks is of course the Patriarch of Georgia. Some might argue that the Church should not interfere in politics, but in this situation everyone should be involved, including the clergy.”
Iamze, real estate manager, 50

“I do not trust anyone. And I do not support the idea of dialogue. We have seen dialogues between the opposition and the Government before, in 2007, which gave us nothing, at least they did not bring any positive results for the country.”
Gia, engineer, 45

“I think that people from NGOs should mediate these talks. It would be nice to see Ia Antadze among them. She is a balanced person and has a sense of what is going on in Georgia right now. So I think she would be a good candidate for mediator. I cannot tell how much the sides would trust her, but personally I trust Antadze.”
Khatuna, doctor, 39

“Ilia II can calm things down with no harm being done to the Georgian people. All the others have their own interests when it comes to politics. The Patriarch is the one person I trust and I believe that many people think the same way. I am sure this will happen and Ilia II will be the initiator of positive moves in this situation.”
Teo, PR specialist, 26

“For me it is hard to name anyone. Everyone whom I have in mind has damaged their reputation in this or that way. It is very hard to name any credible person. “
Tamta, student, 20

“I think some high level diplomats could be good mediators between these two sides. But a mediator alone can’t put the situation right. The main thing we need is the wish to find consensus.”
Keti, designer, 33

“The Patriarch is the only person who everyone listens to and obeys. I think he can be the best mediator between the opposition and the Government”.
Miranda, student, 18

“The Patriarch of course, and he has already started mediating. He convoked the Day of Repentance and this is just the beginning. Only he is capable of convincing the politicians that they should finish their political battle peacefully.”
Bela, shop assistant, 54