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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Friday, May 1
Nongovernmental organisation should assess Rose Revolution: Kapanadze

Sakartvelos Respublika writes that Koba Kapanadze, the leader of the Agency of Democracy Development and Public Monitoring, has held a briefing about the November 2003 Rose Revolution.

According to Kapanadze Saakashvili’s revolutionary Government has made people lose their perception that they live in a democratic state and created great cynicism in society about the West and Western values. “People’s rights are not protected by the law. The media is under control of the Government. The Government of Georgia is formally Western in orientation, but in reality it is a medieval feudal regime,” Kapanadze said. He added that the West does not allow itself to believe that such a system exists in Georgia because such a system is against the principles of the civilized world.

The Government does not dare to analyse what happened in November 2003, added Kapanadze. He appealed to all international organisations working in Georgia to assess what happened in 2003 and has occurred since.

Memorandum automatically will prolong

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that the memorandum of mutual understanding between the European Union Monitoring Mission (EUMM) and the Ministry of Defence of Georgia will be prolonged for another three months on May 26. As EUMM reports, the memorandum will be prolonged automatically, because neither side has exercised its right to terminate the agreement. The memorandum has been in force for the last three months.

The memorandum limits the movements of Georgian military forces along the administrative borders with South Ossetia and Abkhazia and states that Georgia must give advance notice of such movements to the EUMM.

EUMM is satisfied with the compliance of the Georgian Ministry of Defence with the restrictions on military movement. The Mission has studied all accusations of violation, but found no evidence to support them,” EUMM says.

Markov says Georgia will fall apart

Rezonansi writes that the Director of the Political Research Institute in Russia, Sergey Markov, says “the collapse of the Soviet Union is being repeated in Georgia” and recalls that “Megrelia, Kartli and Kakheti existed separately before.”

Markov commented on the processes going on in Georgia from Strasbourg, he said people have come out into the streets in order for “Georgia to have good relations with Russia.”

Actually, people have come out into the streets in order for Georgia to have good relations with Russia, but as soon as political leaders sharing this idea appear, they are immediately arrested and labelled as bad people. We think that the collapse we saw will end with Georgia, because as far as I can see the collapse of the Soviet Union is still going on in Georgia. It is known that Kakheti, Megrelia and Kartli existed separately before,” Markov said.