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Do you think that banning pirate downloads will work in Georgia?

Friday, May 1
“I think banning this in Georgia will be very complicated, because the practice is so widespread. It is very hard to find even licensed copies of music albums or movies in the shops. A lot of work must be done before this will end in Georgia,”
Maka, accountant, 23

“It is a problem all over the world and creates a lot of problems for artists and filmmakers, as they lose a lot of money because pirate reproduction is so easily available on the global net. It is not something that can be solved in one country. It should be done on an international level.”
andro, designer, 25

“I use Georgian websites which offer pirate movies, music and games. I download at least one movie every day. I am very happy that I can do this, because otherwise I would not be able to see some great movies, because I do not have enough money to afford a licensed copy of them.”
Kakhi, student, 18

“I have no idea what tools can be used to ban this. It is a huge problem. I agree all we have all used pirate websites to download some of the newest movies or albums, but I also admit that it can be very dangerous for the movie and music businesses.”
Akaki, lawyer, 24

“It will be very good to ban illegal downloads. I am fed up with telling with my two sons to stop sitting at the computer all day and all night watching movies and playing silly games. Nothing works, but they still continue to watch and play. They have completely forgotten about their studies and are actually doing badly at school. I am very upset.”
Darejan, teacher, 39

“I have no idea about pirate movies or music. I watch movies on TV and listen to music on the radio. So far these pirate things have not created any problems to me and I have not heard anyone else complaining about them.”
Dato, engineer, 51

“There are much bigger problems to solve in Georgia. I know this is an issue as well, but I think some other urgent ones must be resolved first, and then we will have time for music problems.”
Ira, housewife, 35

“I am sure that no matter how much anyone tries to control this, there will always be some people able to get illegal music and movies and distribute them on the web. It is very hard to control things on the internet, you know.”
Giorgi, student, 20

“There have been some attempts in Europe and the US to ban pirate distribution of music and movies but this can never be 100 percent efficient. Anyway, I think doing at least something will be good. I am sure that if some state institutions start to think about this, they will be able to control the terrible situation on the web that we see here in Georgia.”
Nika, IT, 24