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Compiled by Londa Mindiashvili
Monday, May 11
Where will the parade be held?

Rezonansi reports that the opposition have made an application for the prolongation of their protest actions to the Mayor of Tbilisi. The protestors have permission to stand on Rustaveli Avenue until May 26. Accordingly, it is not clear where the annual national military parade will be held.

Representatives of the Government state that the parade must be held on the main thoroughfare, however the opposition leaders say that they are not going to go anywhere. It has not yet been made clear when preparations for the parade will begin. The opposition’s application will be studied within the next two days and an answer will be given.

Last year’s military parade was short. The Government organised a very modest event. The opposition parties held a rally on Rustaveli Avenue after the parade had finished. Pavle Kublashvili, an MP from the ruling National Movement, did not comment on whether the Government would use force to remove demonstrators from the projected parade route or not, but the opposition are not going to give any ground.

Davit Berdzenishvili, from the Republican Party, states that the Government will not be able to hold any events in the main streets without the agreement of the opposition. “We will hold the parade and the Georgian people will see it, just as they did last year. It is a long time until May 26 and the new Government will have come in before that date. It is unimaginable that Saakashvili will not have resigned by May 26,” adds Salome Zourabichvili.

Sozar Subari details protest rally violations for Peter Semneby

Akhali Taoba writes that Sozar Subari, the Public Defender, has outlined for Peter Semneby, Special Representative of the European Union in South Caucasus, the illegal acts which have taken place during the ongoing protest rallies.

“There have been many instances of participants of the rallies being beaten. The police have observed these beatings but not reacted accordingly. There is video evidence showing who the perpetrators of these assaults are but these are not being punished,” stated Sozar Subari.

After the meeting Peter Semneby commented that he had received important information from the Public Defender. Semneby voiced his hope that the police will investigate the incidents reported to him. He again stated that the Government and opposition should resolve their problems through dialogue.

Cell in Zugdidi

Sakartvelos Respublika reports that a cell appeared in Zugdidi on May 5. It has been erected next to the statue of Zviad Gamsakhurdia and an eleven-metre height cross. Kakha Miqaia, the ex-leader of the regional organization of the Freedom Party, is living in the cell. Miqaia is currently supporting Levan Gachechiladze and the opposition.

“The opposition has decided to erect cells all over the country. There is only one cell in Zugdidi as yet, but in my opinion, there is enough protest initiative in Zugdidi to ensure that more are built. I am sure more people will join us, despite the terror that reigns in Samegrelo,” said Kakha Miqaia.