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What results do you expect from the dialogue between the Government and opposition?

Monday, May 11
”I don’t know. They should find a consensus. The Government should see that they have to change a lot. They should acknowledge their mistakes. I cannot say exactly what they should negotiate about but dialogue should be started as it can calm down the situation in the country.”
Meri, housewife, 54

“The opposition will go home; this will be the only result of the dialogue. Unfortunately our Government doesn’t want to compromise.”
Giga, student, 21

“Saakashvili should go. If this becomes the subject of the dialogue, I’ll be glad. But talking about all the other issues the Government is going to discuss with the opposition will change nothing. The situation won’t be improved anyway.”
Eka, shop assistant, 34

“What results can I be expecting? The opposition and the Government know themselves that these negotiations will not have any positive results until they learn to listen to each other. Two days ago they came to the talks with contradicting agendas. If things goes on like this, no results can be achieved at all.”
Tamazi, engineer, 44

“I do not know what exactly can be achieved, but I know that negotiations are the only way to end this tense standoff. If the sides do not start thinking about starting real talks, events might go in the wrong direction. People are also tired of these constant rallies.”
Marina, biologist, 39

“They will achieve exactly what they achieved last year - Parliamentary elections, in which the National Movement will again win a majority of seats. I am sure Saakashvili will not resign; I can’t see any sign of him being ready to step down. That’s all I expect.”
Vano, unemployed, 52

“It is really difficult for me to say at this stage what will happen, but I hope the dialogue will have positive results and the situation will calm down.”
Ana, student, 20

“Of course dialogue is the only way out, but I do not think that the President will resign. The Government and the opposition will agree something acceptable for both sides and the opposition will go home.”
Meri, teacher, 35