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What kind of results will the May 26 opposition rally produce?

Wednesday, May 27
“I think people went outside not to support any opposition leaders but just to celebrate Independence Day. If many people go out tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and so on then I can say that the opposition has not lost the trust of the people.”
Tsira, teacher, 42

“I really did not expect so many people at the stadium. I was there from the beginning and I was really excited that on our national day all Georgians had gathered together to call for a better future.”
Beka, sportsman, 24

“Saakashvili ignored the opposition and their rally, said they were just people who had been dismissed from their jobs were against the Georgian Government for that reason. To extent I agree with him, if people had good living conditions no one would go out into the streets.”
Dali, housewife, 46

“I did not even know that there was an opposition rally today. I think only negative things will follow, as people are exhausted with them.”
Ia, student, 22

“The opposition must achieve its final aim, they don’t have the right to keep their supporters waiting for months before Saakashvili resigns. It should happen as soon as possible.”
Givi, economist, 52

“Nothing will happen. Yes, there were many people but not the whole of Georgia. They were mainly from Tbilisi. The opposition does not have so many supporters in regions, everyone knows this. I think the usual protest actions will continue, unfortunately I don’t see the end of them yet. Besides this, I should state that business is in a really very bad condition so both sides should take this into account. ”
Davit, businessman, 43

“I really don’t know. It’s very hard to predict anything because things are changing very fast. I hope everything will end in a peaceful way and very soon, because everyone is very tired of these endless rallies already.”
Salome, teacher, 26

“Something will happen, but I don’t know what. I doubt Saakashvili will resign, he just ignores the opposition. On the other hand if such a mass of people will continue to come to the rallies, I’m sure elections, maybe Parliamentary ones, will be appointed.”
Natia, student, 20