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Do you think that closing Benetton stores in Tbilisi will force Benetton Turkey to withdraw from Sokhumi?

Thursday, May 28
“The Russian as well as the Abkhazian de facto authorities need a commercial precedent to attract foreign investment to the de facto republics, so this issue is more than just a commercial one. Therefore I think Benetton is not going to withdraw from Sokhumi.”
Nika, student, 22

“I don’t think so. If a Turkish company has made a decision to open a shop in Sokhumi it means that Turkey recognizes the independence of Abkhazia, as separate from Georgia.”
Nino, manager, 30

“I think it should withdraw because I do not think the branch in Sokhumi will be as profitable as those in Tbilisi, so it will definitely withdraw in that case.”
Tika, bank employee, 34

“I think Turkey will close its illegal branch in Sokhumi because I don’t think it is more profitable for Benetton to have one store in Sokhumi than 4-5 stores in Tbilisi. I should also say that this step is not nice from the Turkish side and I think this problem should be resolved at a high level, not by businessmen.”
Giga, photographer, 26

“Closing the stores in Tbilisi will make Benetton Turkey give a second thought to their plans about opening a branch in Georgia’s breakaway region.”
Tamta, student, 23

“I believe the Turkish Benetton owners did not expect such a reaction from the Georgian side. I am proud that Benetton Georgia managers have decided to stand above their business interests and make a right, patriotic decision, and who knows, maybe this will make them even more popular than before.”
Sako, PR specialist, 28

“It is hard to say what Turkey will do, but it is obvious that Georgia’s reaction was very relevant and very brave in this situation.”
Mancho, artist, 30

“I was outraged when I read about Benetton Turkey’s decision on the internet. I thought then that some measures needed to be taken. The Georgian side’s decision was correct, now it is up to Turkey to make a choice. I think they will reconsider their previous plans about Abkhazian Benetton.”
Shorena, sociologist, 33

“Abkhazia is part of Georgia, so I don’t think it is a big issue if a Benetton store opens there. It is not a tragedy at all, at least this is my opinion, others might think differently.”
Tengo, security policeman, 24